Over the years, experts have realized that meditation is not only beneficial for adults, but it is equally important for young kids as well. According to Dr Bryan Bruno, founder and director at Mid City, states that meditation can help children absorb information quickly and clearly. They learn how to maintain a balance within their mind.

There are numerous benefits of meditation for young kids, which makes it extremely important to incorporate it in their daily lives. Some of them are as follows:

  1. It helps children learn and strengthen their core regulation skills, which includes breathing, controlling their heart rate, sympathetic nervous system arousal etc.
  1. If children meditate regularly, then the chances of anxiety and stress are minimized. Teaching children and practicing the breathing activity with them can help them stay calm and composed in severe and difficult situations. Meditation will make them more active, and it will also improve their overall performance in school.
  1. It helps change and restructures your thought process. Children who have ADHD or ADD can find it very helpful. It helps in the regulation of their emotions and thinking process, which improves their concentration by making them focus on the task at hand.
  1. A child who meditates is emotionally and psychologically more resilient. The skill learned at a very young age tends to stay with you for a very long time. Therefore, children who meditate tend to utilize this skill later on in life. Meditation helps them understand their thoughts, feelings and emotions in a much better way. Such children are more well-adjusted when they grow up as compared to the ones that hardly indulge in such meaningful and beneficial activities.

At ZaZa Meditation we stand behind healthy living and upbringing, which is why we support our youth in their mission with our Mommy & Me Zafu and Zabuton cushion set. Purchase yours today and teach your young yogi how to meditate.

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