Why Organic Buckwheat Hulls Make the Perfect Pillow Stuffing

 You may think buckwheat only belongs in the kitchen. While buckwheat is a great source of vitamins and nutrients, filling your stomach isn’t its only use. Read on to discover why we’re taking buckwheat hulls out of the bowl and stuffing them into your pillow.

What is a Buckwheat Hull?

The buckwheat hull is the outer shell of a buckwheat seed. Originating in Asia, buckwheat has been cultivated for thousands of years and has a variety of uses in and out of the kitchen. If this is the first you’ve heard of buckwheat hulls, you’re not alone. Despite its 5000 year history, buckwheat has only recently become popular in the West.

The Perfect Pillow Stuffing

The buckwheat hull is what’s left after the seed is processed for buckwheat flower. This small, durable seed shell is the perfect stuffing for pillows. Eastern cultures have been using organic buckwheat hulls as an alternative to conventional pillow stuffing for millennia. At Zaza Meditation, we use only high-quality, organic buckwheat hulls in our products. We choose to stuff our products with organic buckwheat hulls because of these many benefits:


1 – Buckwheat Hulls are Hypoallergenic

Despite the name, buckwheat isn’t a grain. It has no relation to wheat. This is great for those of you with severe gluten allergies, because buckwheat is gluten-free. Furthermore, the vacuum process used during the production of buckwheat flour removes all traces of flour from the hulls. Also, organic buckwheat is processed without the use of chemicals and pesticides, which is great for those with sensitivities. And buckwheat hulls are naturally resistant to pests, as well. Despite being a great pillow stuffing, buckwheat isn’t a suitable living environment for dust mites and the like.


2 – Buckwheat Hulls Offers Great Support

Unlike more conventional materials, buckwheat hulls don’t retain memory. They self-adjust to the contours of your body, but easily reassemble when the pillow is not in use. This is great for meditation cushions, because they provide excellent support for proper posture. And pillows are easy to adjust by adding or removing hulls. The ability of the hulls to conform like sand makes them perfect for other types of pillows. Medical professionals often recommend using neck and back pillows stuffed with buckwheat hulls to alleviate neck pain, migraines, and snoring.

3 – Buckwheat Hulls are Sustainable

The health of our planet is as important as the health of our bodies. This is our home, after all. Other materials used for pillow stuffing produce a lot of waste. The buckwheat seed is used to make food products, especially flour. The only by-product of the seed is the hull as it can’t be digested by humans or animals. Using buckwheat hulls as pillow stuffing ensures there is no waste from the buckwheat seeds. Also, buckwheat is a fast-growing crop that improves potassium levels in the soil and helps bees produce nutrient-dense honey.

4 – Buckwheat Hulls are Extremely Durable

Buckwheat pillows are a great investment because they last so much longer than conventional pillows. Buckwheat hulls don’t flatten. Because they retain their shape so well and self-adjust, they greatly improve the lifespan of a pillow. In general a buckwheat pillow can last at least 10 years. This is great news for those who use yoga and meditation pillows on a daily basis. Purchase a pillow with a removable outer shell and you can easily wash it without getting the buckwheat wet.

5 – Buckwheat Hulls Regulate Temperature

The shape and structure of the buckwheat hull allows it to circulate air easily. This quality allows the pillow to better regulate temperature. The pillow stays cooler, so you’re not turning or flipping the pillow every 20 minutes for the “cool” side. When it comes to meditation, comfort is key. A zafu meditation pillow stuffed with buckwheat helps keep you from getting uncomfortably sweaty and sticky. Their ability to circulate air also helps keep them dry, which makes them perfect as yoga pillows.

At Zaza Meditation, we have a great selection of buckwheat pillows, including zafu meditation cushions, yoga bolsters & roll pillows, and eye mask pillows to make your meditation and yoga practice comfortable and effective.

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