Finding balance in your life is key, when coasting through your every day. Karen Rae, a single mom of two young daughters, quickly learned that lesson during the COVID 19 pandemic. She says, “it was a blessing in disguise for her family”. She knew that when life returned to “normal”, she didn’t want it to look anything like it looked before. Her new purpose was to live a life that was more deliberate and focused upon the things that matter the most. Which is why she founded Balanced Life by Karen Rae®.

Balanced Life by Karen Rae® consists of a set of effective, motivational and inspirational planners, notebooks / journals, designed to help individuals find balance and live their best lives. This unique system for planning your day and life goals is the key to staying on track and truly connecting with your established intentions.

Each of Karen Rae’s product lines features beautiful coastal-inspired art, designed to remind you of the peaceful feeling of the beach, and includes soft touch covers, gold stamping and for the planner, a keepsake box. By using Karen Rae’s planners and notebooks – you will find that you will easily focus on the following 5 fundamental areas of life.

  1. Faith: Faith is foundational; it brings all the benefits of salvation into your life which includes healing, prosperity, peace, love, joy, and so much more!
  2. Family: Family is forever; it’s having someone that you can rely on to be constant and caring throughout your lifetime.
  3. Finances: Finances fund your lifestyle; money is irrefutably an essential and is a fundamental part of everyday life.
  4. Fitness: Fitness reduces stress, builds your self-esteem, and promotes happiness.
  5. Friendships: Friendships are an opportunity to love, learn about ourselves, mature as human beings, and open up to the full experience of life.


ZaZa Meditation is pleased to announce that we have aligned with Balanced Life by Karen Rae® and are now offering this amazing product line. We encourage all to take full advantage, as it makes writing your manifestations and goals super easy and trackable. Watch your life evolve before you and find your bliss!

Shop your Balanced Life by Karen Rae® here!

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