Today we are going to explore the incredible power of meditation. This is a practice where you concentrate the mind on one or more objects, images, thoughts, or even on nothing, for religious, spiritual, philosophical purposes.

Meditation is essentially a method of getting to know oneself and working with oneself that is practiced by entering a state of deep inner peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent; the major religions of the world, many modern western psychologies and eastern cultures or other humanistic disciplines use forms of meditation and reflection on the interior life.

Meditation can be used as a simple relaxation technique or as a profound means for the growth of awareness and spirituality therefore as a form of self-care.

Get inside yourself with meditation It is not always easy to make an intact passage within oneself that brings an oasis of peace and harmony, not understood as absence or poverty, but, on the contrary, as a place of fullness and balance. Meditation can be approached in various ways; some techniques are linked to spirituality and millenary religions, others have merged traditional elements with innovative factors to mitigate daily stress. Meditation is also good for the body and can be seen as a vehicle that leads to improvement that travels on the tracks of silence merged with inner listening.

How does it work? To meditate it is sufficient to have a quiet place and time to dedicate to yourself. Once you have chosen the right room or place to meditate, you usually sit cross-legged or in the lotus position, you are on an empty stomach, preferring sunrise and sunset as moments of the day, with your back straight, neck and head naturally erect, eyes are closed. Its’ important to have a quiet and zen environment to meditate: find the right place in your home where you can spend a few times alone, with no distractions. Light up a candle, use some tools as an extra support and create the perfect zen area for this amazing discipline. You can start meditating starting from a few minutes, for example 15 minutes, to get to hours. To promote the position of the back, you can sit on a cushion or folded blanket. Check our cushions selection here and find the perfect ally for your sessions.  One breathes deeply and the universal or individual mantra is repeated, one meditates in a personal way, alone or in groups, choosing one of the many meditation techniques, such as Islamic meditation, Christian meditation, Buddhist meditation and others. Usually the meditative technique consists of three phases: deep breathing, a first phase that serves to calm the mind; the chanting of the mantra, to arouse positive feelings and rebalance the psychic waves; the real meditative phase, a silent and concentration phase which consists in withdrawing the mind from thoughts about external objects and letting it all flow, making an aptitude for self-awareness and self-observation.

Meditation as a cure for many conditions Meditating is a training for the mind, for the spirit, a workout that is good for the heart and therefore also for the physical. A person who meditates will manage to have a better management of emotions, will suffer less stress and will feel less and less “detached” from things and people. The greater the concentration capacity becomes, the strength, vitality, resistance to pain, fatigue and disease increases. Who meditates takes care of the breath, which becomes more and more aware every day, bringing a better sleep, therefore more joy to the days. While meditating the body produces substances and hormones that are good for mood, the immune defenses are strengthened and one feels in a state of well-being. In short, meditating is a natural medicine, for the physical and for the psyche. In conclusion … Do not think that meditation should be fixed and binding. Meditation is an inner state that can also be experienced in daily actions, indeed, that could be the ultimate goal. To arrive at this stage, however, it is useful to practice with discipline, even under the guidance of a teacher or a teacher at the beginning, someone to guide us towards inner silence. Meditation, whatever the technique you choose, allows you to make space and open up the possibility of a serenity that can accompany us throughout the day. Awareness in the present makes us present and alive. This also allows us to be with others in a different way.

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