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We believe that the world is a better place, when we each individually practice mindfulness.

Meditating allows you to go beyond the mind and experience essential nature—which is best described as peace, happiness, and bliss. It brings you to a heightened awareness of one's self and allows you to free your mind of any worries. 

At ZaZa Meditation, our cushions are manufactured in our modern energy efficient and environmentally sensitive factory located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Being a family owned business with strong ethics and morals, our unwavering belief is to provide quality to our customers, paired with top-notch service.

It is a spiritual journey that you take when meditating, which is why we believe that you should surround yourself with items needed to ensure that your experience is most advantageous. You need to adhere to all of your senses. Hence, location, colors, material, aroma, scenery, and sound all play apart into those senses. Take ZaZa Meditation along with you through your journey and you will be sure to have a joyous experience!